20 Arab and Islamic countries condemn France’s insult to the Prophet Muhammad

Arab and Muslim countries continued to condemn the hate speech and abuse made by French President Emmanuel Macron against Islam and Muslims, which touched the person of the Prophet Muhammad.

And the positions against the continuation of the offense moved from a popular level to an official condemnation through statements issued by the foreign ministries in a number of Arab and Islamic countries.

During the past few days, France witnessed the publication of insulting pictures and drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, on the facades of buildings in France, which Arab and Islamic countries met with launching campaigns to boycott French products and goods.

Macron said during press statements, on October 21, that France will not abandon the « caricatures » of the Prophet Muhammad, which sparked a wave of anger throughout the Islamic world.

Last Sunday, Macron reaffirmed his position through a tweet on his account in Arabic, in which he said, « Nothing makes us back down, never. We respect all differences in the spirit of peace. We never accept hate speech and defend rational debate. We will always stand by human dignity and universal values. »

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