Tor Browser is receiving a critical update and is relying on updated Firefox code

If you care a lot about privacy, it is very likely that you have come across the Tor Browser, which in turn routes all of the user’s network requests through the encrypted Tor network, keeping you completely anonymous, and last year, the browser was integrated to work individually without the need to download Orbot and Orfox apps.

Today, Tor Browser is receiving an important update, as it has switched to relying on the code or base used by the other browser and the updated Firefox on Android, as it is known that the latter has been completely redeveloped this year.

However, Tor Browser will now rely on Firefox 82.1.1, and use Tor version to connect to the Internet, with some privacy extensions included, just like the desktop browser.

In this context, the organizers of the browser noted: “After achieving parity in features with the previous Tor Browser for Android, we will continue to work on bridging the gap between it and the desktop version, including support for Onion-Location and short URLs. Tor.onion, among other things. Other ”.

Finally, the Tor Browser update is now available for all Android users, and via the link below, you can download it, and we in turn recommend that you rely on it when browsing the Internet, as it comes with high encryption capabilities that are recommended these days.

Download Tor Browser Update.

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