Sony is preventing expansion of the Playstation 5 with an additional…

Sony is preventing expansion of the Playstation 5 with an additional internal storage disk at this time

The new PlayStation 5 gaming device has a great speed in loading and launching games due to its reliance on one of the fastest SSD storage drives, but its storage capacity is not large enough, this may force you to add another disk, but Sony will not allow that now.

The Playstation 5 comes with a storage disk with a capacity of 825 GB only with fast NVMe technology, and there is a place to add another SSD disk, but Sony will not allow it to be activated and take advantage of it currently at the first launch of its device, which will be November 12.

The company says that it maintains the expansion feature with an additional disk for subsequent updates that it will send to its device. This is a strange behavior, especially since Sony allocated a good space in its conference to talk about the expansion feature with additional disks.

It seems that there is a justification for this behavior from Sony, as many of the M2 SSDs are not fast enough to match the speed of the PlayStation 5, which may cause slowdowns or bottlenecks, thus affecting the gaming experience, in addition to problems with compatibility and controllers.

This may force you to download only the games that interest you more than others, as the available capacity is 667 GB of storage from the total space, and this may be affected if you download a few large games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, whose size reaches 133 GB.

In any case, gaming platforms support connection with external storage drives via the USB port and from the first day, and it is a good way to add your old games from PlayStation 4 to play through the new generation, especially as they do not need a high-speed SSD.

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