(New music) Maluma and The Weeknd – Hawái remix

The Weeknd and Maluma released a remix together … and a music video!

People are obsessed with this. The path is called « Hawái » …

You can check it here:

Maluma released a new remix of « Hawái » with The Weeknd, as well as an accompanying video.

The song’s new release begins with a new verse from The Weeknd adding a distinct and engaging vocal performance to the song, which delves into a tumultuous breakup rocked by the details of the Instagram era (the song also marks the first time The Weeknd sang in both Spanish and English).

Accompanying the track is a video directed by Jesse Terrero, in which Weeknd and Maluma perform the song in a neon-lit club, catching the eyes of many fans. But despite how steamy things get, the clip ends with one woman burning her ex-partner’s shirt.

Maluma said in a statement, « I’ve always loved the weekend, so I feel nothing less than a dream come true to be taking part in a Hawaiian remix – he brought another influx of it and sang in both Spanish and English which is impressive. »

YouTube Source : Maluma

Feature Picture Source : Maluma YouTube Screen Grab

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