Samsung may launch the Galaxy S21 in January [rumors]

Samsung may launch the Galaxy S21 in January [rumors]

Unlike what Apple did by delaying the detection of iPhone 12 until October, as usual, Samsung intends to expedite the detection of its flagship Galaxy S21 phone in January instead of the usual in February or March.

According to some leakers and rumors, Samsung intends to unveil the Galaxy S21 on January 14 in particular, and pre-order begins on the same day, provided that it is available in the market from January 29. It will have three versions: S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

In terms of colors, the leaks indicate that the phone will be in gray, white, pink and violet colors, while the Plus version will only be in black and silver, and the same is an Ultra version and purple is added to it. Manufacturing will be in Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam, in addition to Korea.

Despite the surprise, Apple removed the charger and headphones, the media had recently reported that Samsung might do the same with its flagship phone, after a mock campaign launched by Samsung in conjunction with the iPhone 12 conference.

However, new reports indicate that Samsung may offer headphones Galaxy Buds for free with some versions during in-store purchases, while it used to do so previously with pre-orders only.

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