Tik Tok extends its deal with Sony Music for musical and lyrical content

Tik Tok extends its deal with Sony Music for musical and lyrical content

TikTok has entered into a new content licensing deal with Sony Music to ensure it continues to acquire musical and lyrical content from top artists around the world.

Practically nothing will change from the current situation, but this in itself is a big victory, as Tik Tok will continue its successes thanks to the diversity and size of the available music library that users can include in their clips.

The company was looking to conclude new content licensing deals with major artistic and music production companies around the world after its success to ensure its continued supply of all new music content and not lose its position as a result of the end of one of the current deals.

The details of the financial deal were not disclosed, but Bloomberg confirmed that the new deal was much higher than the previous deal. TikTok will also work with Sony to promote its contract artists on the platform and give them a higher level of user experience customization.

The company also has a deal with Merlin, which holds the rights to distribute the music content of a large number of independent artists not affiliated with a specific production company. It is working to secure deals with big players such as Warner and Universal who, along with Sony, are the largest production and distribution companies dominating the US market.

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