WhatsApp finally supports the self-hidden messaging feature

For a long time, both Telegram and Signal supported the feature of self-masking messages, followed by Messenger from Facebook, and now, WhatsApp joins the competition, as the company announced its support for temporary messages and officially for all users.

And unlike Telegram and Messenger, you do not need to start a secret conversation with WhatsApp to activate this feature, as once it reaches you, both parties to the conversation will be able to activate it, but in groups, moderators control the settings of this feature, and once activated, the new messages sent to the chat disappear After 7 days it « can not be modified », providing a more private conversation.

As for how to enable this feature, on Android and iPhone go to the WhatsApp chat and click on the contact’s name, after that, click on the self-hidden messages, and if prompted, click on Continue.

WhatsApp also indicated many things that must be taken into consideration, as follows:

  • If the user does not open WhatsApp within seven days, the message will disappear from the chat, however, the message preview may still appear in the notifications until WhatsApp is opened.
  • When you reply to a message, the first message appears, and when you reply to a self-disappearing message, the quoted text remains in the chat after seven days.
  • If you forward a self-disappearing message to a chat in which self-disappearing messages have been turned off, the message will not disappear from the forwarded chat.
  • If the user creates a backup copy before the message disappears, the self-disappearing message is included in the backup copy, provided that the self-disappearing messages are deleted when the user restores them from a backup copy.

Finally, this update is currently available to all users, and in the event that it does not reach you, wait a few days, whether on Android or iPhone.

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