Huge sites and platforms…

Huge sites and platforms that will benefit you in order to increase your knowledge balance with free educational courses and get recognized certificates.


Instead of wasting your time in insignificance, try to allocate even twenty minutes of your time on these sites and read or learn a skill that will benefit you and develop your knowledge balance

  • This site is excellent for anyone looking for scholarships, training opportunities abroad, attending international conferences … etc.
    Once you register registration and specify the country you want … they will send you an email containing all the scholarships available in that country that you have chosen, whether free or paid.
    Website link:
  • This site gives you a wide range of free courses from 𝙐𝙙𝙚𝙢𝙮 You only need to specify the type of course and it will direct you directly to the Udemi website to watch the course
    Website link
  • Four reliable sites where you will find all the programs that were paid and became Squared free Windows – Mobile – Mac , And the beautiful thing is that you will even find Syrillat activation for free programs

  • TED site is an annual conference in which they present many ideas that can change the world. It includes creative people and conferences, businessmen – athletes, scientists} from all countries of the world. His idea (TED) gives them between 15 to 20 minutes as a maximum in order to cast The best lecturer in their life, which is really wonderful, in this link you will find all the lectures

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